about emma

Since completing her studies in jewellery design in 2010, Emma has been focused on using concrete in jewellery as a means of telling a story of things which no longer exist, or to reference a specific place.

Employing concrete as a vessel to embed fragments of buildings that are now demolished or cremated ashes of loved ones allows the story to be told through the wearer. This piece is taking this idea to the next level. The idea stemmed from a piece I was commissioned to make for David Walsh of MONA. Following a brief was that the brooch was to contain engraved text. I had been looking at how to bring more meaning to jewellery than by verbally communicating the story and this was the perfect opportunity to unleash this concept of a multi media jewellery piece. I am interested in the crossover between inanimate objects having a connection to the wider social media that has become readily available to us with the advancement in smartphone technology. I see it as an opportunity to replace the the idea that historiacally jewellery was loaded with so much meaning and power has been forgotten . I am attempting to make pieces that are heavily embedded with meaning and sentiment with the multimedia that technological advances have to offer at this point in time.

  I find it intriguing that, although this piece is 'modern' now , like anything that is 'of a time' will become a marker of the past and where we were then compared to where we are now,  

 Further details can be seen on my personal website.

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